The Health Home Checklist

• Create a "home" where those who enter feel known and welcome. Patients will remember how they felt in a health home longer than what they are told.

• Create a common mission supported by all health home members; for example, "To invest in a continuous healing relationship with the well-being of the community we serve."

• Provide multiple ways to access care from the most appropriate health professional (see Figure 2-3).

• Provide a variety of encounter visits that complement the one-on-one office visit. These may include group visits, e-mail, support groups, and health promotion or disease-focused programs.

• Create relationships through open communication with a team of health professionals who can positively influence lifestyle behaviors or address specific disease states.

• Provide a way for the consumers (patients) to have input into what health-related programs or services are implemented based on their perceived needs.

• Provide an opportunity to understand the most important areas that patients believe need to be addressed for their long-term health. (See the Health Agreement document online at

• Learn to provide rapid and evidence-based information on lifestyle and complementary medicine in each team encounter.

• Review the space of the practice, and develop a plan to make it less stress inducing and more comfortable to the patient and team members.

• Make sure the health home that is created matches that which gives family physicians meaning and purpose in their work. This will translate across the medical home, encouraging team acceptance while reducing the risk of burnout.

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