Vasectomy is a quick procedure, usually performed under local anesthesia in 5 to 10 minutes. The no-scalpel technique involves puncturing the scrotum to deliver the vas deferens, which is then ligated or cauterized.


Vasectomy is a permanent, highly effective form of contraception that requires minimal follow-up. It is safer and more effective than female sterilization and does not increase risk of ectopic pregnancy if it fails. Vasectomy allows the male partner to have a role in contraception.


A surgical procedure is required. Vasectomy does not protect against STIs and requires use of another contraceptive method for about 12 weeks, until azoospermia is confirmed. It is irreversible; achieving pregnancy after sterilization requires additional surgery and can be hampered by the development of antisperm antibodies. Regret rates are highest in men who, at sterilization, are less than 31 years old, are in an unstable marriage, have no or very young children, and are in a time of financial crisis (Pollack et al., 2007). Vasec-tomy rarely leads to chronic testicular pain.

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