Walking, for diabetes mellitus management, 738 Warning symptoms in athletes, 579 Warts, 714-715 genital, 225t Water, nutritional summary, 820t-824t Water balance, impaired, 199-200 Weakness facial, 318-319 muscle, 961 Wegener's granulomatosis, 290 Weight gain pregnancy outcomes linked to, 828t recommended for pregnant women, 362t Weight loss for diabetes mellitus, 737 for metabolic syndrome, 494-495 for PVD, 529 Well-woman examination, 455-456 Wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) index, 586 Wheel-and-spoke formulation of crisis, 1031 Wheezing, in asthma, 269-270 Whiplash, 634

White blood cells (WBCs), 888-892 disorders of neutrophils, 889-891 eosinophilia, 891-892 laboratory test, 188 leukocytosis stratified by, 189t monocyte and macrophage disorders, 892 in urine, 901 White House Commission 2002 Report, on

CAM, 135, 138t Wilms tumor, 927 Withdrawal alcohol, 1095-1098 nicotine, 1119b opiates, 1129 sedative-hypnotics, 1130 Women's health, 360-361 abnormal vaginal bleeding in adolescents, 457 in perimenopausal women, 458-459 in postmenopausal women, 459 in reproductive-age women, 457-458 alcohol use disorder, 1101-1102 recommended dietary allowances, 363t sexual dysfunction, 1002-1005 well-woman examination, 455-456

Women's Health Initiative summary rates from, 114t website, 127f Women's Health Study, 105, 106t-107t Workflow management, 122 Work-related asthma, 293 Work-related pulmonary cancers, 294 World Health Organization (WHO) criteria for screening test, 74t medical eligibility criteria, 469-470 Worldview of difficult patient, 1050 Wound assessment, of pressure ulcers, 42 Wound healing hypertrophic scars, 558 keloids, 556

nonhealing wounds, 558 stages of, 556 wound dressings, 558 Wound irrigation, 555 Wound management, of bite wounds,

238t-239t Wrinkles, smoking and, 1112 Wrist and hand injuries, 612-616

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