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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, (800) 273-TALK; free, confidential, 24-hour/day access to crisis counselors, with services for Spanish speakers, veterans, and TTY users. http://ndvh.org/

National Domestic Violence Hotline, (800) 799-SAFE; education, resources, and 24/7 anonymous and confidential help for victims or others calling on their behalf. www.endabuse.org/

Information about family violence education, prevention, and advocacy, including an action center for health care providers.


Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) offers resources and information concentrating on battered straight men; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) victims, teenagers, and elderly victims. http://endabuse.org/userfiles/file/HealthCare/MandReport2007FINAL MMS.pdf/

State reporting requirements.

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

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