Antioxidants A Practical Approach for Treating iOAT

As a multifactor disorder, iOAT presents a clinical challenge in the diagnosis and medical treatment of infertile men. ICSI has enabled iOAT to be circumvented mechanically; however, it fails to address the fundamental factors contributing to male factor infertility. Oral supplementation of hormones and antioxidants has been the primary area of focus for pharmacotherapy treatment of iOAT. Significant improvements in sperm concentration, motility, and morphology have been reported [45]. Therefore, if it were possible to achieve a particular regimen of antioxidant(s) with the proper dosage and duration of intervention necessary to fully repair each aspect of the disorder, these men would have a greater probability of gaining normal sperm function.

In order to consider a drug as active, it must improve sperm parameters and pregnancy rates in at least one blind, prospective, placebo-controlled trial, as well as additional trials from independent groups [46]. The aim of the following sections is to evaluate evidence gathered from experimental trials with oral antioxidants that may serve in potentially treating impaired sperm quality. The mode of action of each antioxidant will be discussed and evaluated for their clinical efficacy. Table 22.1 is provided to summarize collected data, along with critical commentary for each antioxidant.

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