Apoptosis is an ongoing physiological phenomenon that maintains the number of germ cells in the testicular vicinity within the supportive capacity of Sertoli cells. However, deregulated apoptosis may be both a sign and cause of abnormal sper-matogenesis. Immature germ cells characterized by maturation arrest have signs of active apoptosis and DNA fragmentation [109]. Therefore, azoospermia may be one of the presentations of deregulated apoptosis [110]. The sperm concentration in the human ejaculate appears to be correlated with ROS levels. In men diagnosed with male infertility, sperm concentration was negatively correlated with ROS irrespective of the exact clinical diagnosis and etiology for infertility [110].

Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Healthy Pregnancy. If you suspect, or know, that you are pregnant, we ho pe you have already visited your doctor. Presuming that you have confirmed your suspicions and that this is your first child, or that you wish to take better care of yourself d uring pregnancy than you did during your other pregnancies; you have come to the right place.

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