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In the course of male genital tract infections, the invasion of microorganisms leads to a defense reaction of the accessory gland where they localize. This includes nonspecific and specific immune reactions, with a transfer of oxidative damage from the infected gland to the spermatozoa present in the posttesticular sperm reservoirs. Prostate, seminal vesicles, and epididymis play various physiological actions on the posttesticular sperm reserve, and the time of interaction between the seminal plasma produced by these glands with spermatozoa is different. Therefore, the definition of male genital tract infection is improper and must be replaced with the appropriate definition of the site of infection on the male accessory glands. Thus, the NIH classification of prostatitis is reductive, and we prefer to use the definition of MAGI. Since the results on OS and infection have two very different nosological references represented respectively by chronic bacterial prostatitis (category II, NIH classification) and MAGI, this exciting topic is discussed in the next two sections.

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