In order to maintain normal physiological functioning in the male reproductive tract, there is a delicate balance between the concentration of ROS and the seminal antioxidants which must be maintained. The predominant contributing factor to idiopathic male infertility has been shown to be this imbalance which is created during periods of genito-urinary infection. As covered in the chapter leukocytospermia, the inflammatory condition resulting from the rapid increase in leukocytes during infection results in a high elevation in the concentrations of ROS and OS, which puts a powerful negative effect on various semen and spermatozoa variables [10, 36, 43]. The complexity of OS is furthered when additional factors which can increase ROS levels in the male genito-urinary system are considered [57]. Extensive growth in knowledge has been provided by a broad number of research groups which have focused on the significance and effects of excessive leukocytes that have infiltrated into the semen. The harmful influence that ROS can have on sperm and their parameters has been known for a relatively long period of time in the field of male reproductive biology. At present, the association between semen parameters and leukocyte concentrations is still a focal point in the field of male reproductive science.

100 Pregnancy Tips

100 Pregnancy Tips

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