Etiology of Varicocele

The development of varicocele is believed to be multifactorial. Anatomically, the gonadal vein is longer on left than the right side. The left gonadal vein enters the left renal vein, whereas the right renal vein enters the inferior vena cava (IVC). The narrower diameter renal vein (compared to the IVC) and the perpendicular entry of the left gonadal vein into the renal vein both increase the hydrostatic pressure along the gonadal vein, especially, when one is in the upright position [2]. Furthermore, the absent or incompetent valves within the internal spermatic veins (left more so than right), as seen in autopsy series of cadavers with varicocele, seem to play a role in the etiology of varicocele [3]. Increased hydrostatic pressure within the left internal spermatic vein is also attributed to compression of left renal vein between the superior mesenteric artery and aorta, the so-called "nutcracker" phenomenon.

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