Immune Theory of Aging

Aging is associated with a decline in adaptive immunity [21]. Adaptive immunity is the component of the immune system comprising the B cells, cytotoxic T cells, and helper T cells and utilizes specific antigen recognition and memory as a means to fight infectious disease. It is distinguished from the innate system, which is able to mount a much more immediate response to invading pathogens. In the elderly, increased morbidity and mortality are directly associated with an increased susceptibility to infection [22], This is coincident with a decline in adaptive immunity [21]. Indeed, aging has been associated with a decreased proportion of naive T cells [23], a reduced proliferative response of adaptive immune cells, diminished antigen recognition, and deficits in signal transduction [24-26] , Advanced age is associated with a greater incidence of immune cells in the epididymis of the Brown Norway rat [27], but little is known of the interaction of immune cells and germ cells during aging,

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