Oxidative Stress and Sperm Egg Binding and Fusion

The ability of human spermatozoa to bind to zona pellucida is enhanced by low levels of ROS [112]. Moreover, addition of NO--releasing compounds to capacitating medium increased the number of spermatozoa bound to the hemizona [113] . Also, production of low levels of hydrogen peroxides by spermatozoa plays a role in the signaling events controlling capacitation and sperm-oocytes fusion [109, 114].

On the contrary, studies revealed that elevated ROS concentrations are associated with poor sperm-oocytes fusion, IVF experiment [75], and standard IVF [115,116]. Also, increased generation of lipoperoxidase has been proposed by Aitken et al. [117] asareasonofhighfailurerateof sperm-oocytefusionbioassay [117].

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