Sources of OS 2371 Extracellular Sources

When considering the OS that cells experience, it must be considered that this state can result from exogenous or endogenous influences [4]. The male genito-urinary system can be exposed to damaging exogenous factors, which are suggested sources of ROS and promoters of infection. These include lifestyle behaviors such as smoking and external influences such as environmental pollutants [35], as well as clinical diagnoses such as varicocele [53, 54] and spinal cord injuries [31]. Assisted reproductive therapy (ART) is also an established source of ROS [39]. The removal of seminal plasma is a procedure carried out in preparation for ART. This subsequently also removes natural antioxidants in the semen [7]. In this context, an additional exogenous source of OS can be certain processing techniques that are used in preparing semen, such as centrifugation [37] .

Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Guide

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