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Prevalence of CVD risk factors by education in Canada

Choiniere R, Lafontaine P, Edwards AC. Distribution of cardiovascular disease risk factors by socioeconomic status among Canadian adults. Canadian Medical Association journal, 2000, 162(9 Suppl):S13-24. Note: Definitions used: Physical inactivity: leisure exercise less than once per week during previous month. Elevated cholesterol: >5.2 mmol/l after fasting 8 hours or more.

The CVD mortality gap in the USA

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1969-1998. International journal of epidemiology,

Prevalence of high blood pressure by income in Trinidad and Tobago

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Education level and obesity in Italy

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Smoking and occupation in Uganda

Uganda Demographic and Health Survey 2000-2001.

Smoking by years of education in South Africa

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Income and obesity in Saudi Arabia

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Prevalence of diabetes by income in India

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Wow: Canada

Evenson B. When rich and poor kids eat the same diet, poor ones get fatter. ProCOR, 12 September



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