Clinical Manifestations

Onset of illness was usually sudden, with progressively more severe frontal headache of a type frequently seen with P. falciparum malaria infection, spreading occipitally. Fever and weakness were al ways present. Myalgia appeared early. Arthralgia of the large joints was very common from the onset. Severe generalized disease followed in a matter of a day or two. Patients were lethargic, their faces expressionless with deep set eyes. Loss of appetite, sometimes accompanied by vomiting and rapid weight loss, was a nearly constant feature. In 2 to 3 days, gastrointestinal symptoms developed, frequently accompanied by cramping.

In later stages, particularly in patients with hemorrhagic manifestations, red blood was seen in the stools. Vomiting was common, being seen in nearly half of the patients with hemorrhagic signs; vomitus was often of red blood or changed blood (cf. the vomitusniger of yellow fever). Other common manifestations included sore throat and dysphagia, fissures and open sores on the lips, conjunctivitis sometimes accompanied by subconjunctival bleeding, and coughing. Jaundice occurred in some. Pancreatitis (clinical diagnosis) was also seen frequently, and abortion occurred in 23 percent of 82 infected pregnant women. Hemorrhagic manifestations, seen in many patients and in over half of those who died, probably resulted from disseminated intravascular coagulation. Death occurred as early as the fourth day, but more usually on the fifth or sixth day and in occasional cases as late as the twentieth day.

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