Control must proceed at several levels. At the village level, community-wide rodent control may be implemented, which should include rodent proofing of grain storage facilities, general trash cleanup, and rodent poisoning campaigns. At the householder's level, measures should include rodent proofing of dwellings, rodent trapping, and rodent poisoning. At the clinic level, the possibility of Lassa should be considered whenever fever cases are seen, and appropriate measures taken to protect the examiner and other patients at the clinic. At the hospital level, attention must be given to rodent control, and in addition, diagnosed or suspected Lassa patients should be isolated, with staff taking full precautions to avoid close contact with them. Special precautionary measures are indicated for obstetrical, gynecological, and surgical services. At the governmental level, Lassa should be made a reportable disease, and at the international level, Lassa must be made a reportable disease.

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Your Heart and Nutrition

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