Because tapeworms can exceed 30 feet in length and strings of segments are often passed in the feces, it is not surprising that they were described by ancient writers in China, India, and the Mediterranean world. Encysted larvae - bladderworms or cysticerci - have been known in beef and pork for millennia, but their relationship to adult worms was not suspected until the eighteenth century and not proved until 1855, when F. K├╝chenmeister fed larval pork tapeworms concealed in food to condemned criminals and recovered adult worms on autopsy. The three large species that infect humans were not clearly differentiated until 1782. The notion of spontaneous generation of adult tapeworms in the human intestine was widely accepted until about 1820, and the theory was not inconsistent with the then known facts.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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