Neurological Disorders

Disturbances of Vayu were thought to create many neurological diseases. These included Dhanustam-bha (literally a pillar curved like a bow) or tetanus. Other conditions caused by disturbed Vayu included convulsions, the two types of which may well have been descriptions of petit mal and grand mal epilepsy; paralysis of one lower extremity; paraplegia; sciatica; brachial palsy; and facial palsy. Other diseases that we now do not think of as being neurogenic are also ascribed to disturbed Vayu. These include one that appears to be synovitis of the knee joint, another that seems suggestive of paresthesias of the feet, and still another that seems to have been bowel obstruction. Dumbness, nasal speech, and indistinct speech were also seen to stem from the same cause.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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