Parasitic Infestations

Paragonimiasis or pulmonary distomiasis is caused by infection with a worm of the genus Paragonimus, especially Paragonimus westermani. In Korea the disease was usually acquired by eating raw crab meat, and references to a disorder characterized by rusty-brown mucus in the ancient texts probably reflect paragonimiasis.

In the Hyangyak chipsong pang under the heading "pediatrics" are descriptions if infestations of roundworms and pinworms. The section on "worms" in the Tongui pogam describes various disease symptoms attributed to nine different worms. Many plant remedies were used to remove these parasites. Ancylosto-miasis (hookworm disease) and secondary anemia are not specifically described, but symptoms of anemia due to ancylostomiasis seem to be described among the forms of jaundice.

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