Treatment and Prophylaxis

No effective therapy has been found. In one case in a London treatment center, therapy was instituted using interferon in conjunction with immune plasma. The patient, a secondary exposure case, recovered. Further clinical trials on human beings await further cases.

Basic methods for the management of patients with suspected viral hemorrhagic fever include strict isolation and precaution in examination and in taking specimens from patients, as well as in handling material from suspect cases in the laboratory. Such procedures are not readily applicable in bush clinics in many parts of Africa. Further precautions are necessary in the movement of suspected cases internationally and in the shipment of specimens internationally (Simpson 1977; Centers for Disease Control 1988).

Prophylaxis and control await further epidemiological information on animal reservoirs of disease, modes of transmission from animal reservoirs (if indeed there are animal reservoirs) to humans, and modes of persistence of the virus in nature.

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