Resisted Radioulnar Supination

Stabilize the elbow at the athlete's side to prevent shoulder adduction and external rotation.

Your thenar eminence of the other hand is placed on the dorsal distal surface of the athlete's radius with the fingers wrapped on the ulna.

The athlete's forearm is in midposi-tion. The athlete is asked to attempt to turn the forearm so that the palm faces upward while you resist the movement.

annular ligament sprain or tear medial collateral ligament (anterior fibers) sprain or tear lateral collateral ligament (anterior fibers) sprain or tear pronator muscle strain or tear capsule sprain of the distal radioulnar joint

Pain or weakness can come from the radioulnar supinators or their nerve supply (see Active Radioulnar Supination).

Pain on resisted radioulnar supination and elbow flexion is evidence of a biceps brachii injury.

If supination is painful but elbow flexion is not, the supinator muscle is injured.

To help differentiate between a biceps injury and a supinator injury, you can test supination with the elbow extended, which minimizes involvement of the biceps.


The athlete is sitting with hands over the edge of the plinth.

The forearm must be supported and stabilized.

The forearm is in pronation.

The athlete flexes his or her wrist as far as possible.

Pain, weakness, or limitation of range of motion can come from the wrist flexors or from their nerve supply.

The prime movers are:

The capsular pattern for the wrist is about the same limitation of flexion as of extension. Capsular pattern limitation and pain can be caused by:

• acutely sprained joint

• carpal fracture

rheumatoid arthritis

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