Advantages Of Laparoscopic Surgery

The most important benefit of laparoscopy is probably the prevention of undue delay in diagnosis (17). Advantages of laparoscopy in the pregnant patient:

■ Decreased fetal depression due to lessened postoperative narcotic requirements (9,10,66,67)

■ Lower risk of wound complications (8,9,68)

■ Diminished postoperative maternal hypoventilation (9,10)

■ Shorter hospital stays

■ Decreased risks of thromboembolic events due to early mobilization

■ Better intra-abdominal visualization reducing the need for uterine manipulation and thereby reducing the risk of uterine irritability (17)

■ Decreased uterine irritability results in lower rates of spontaneous abortion and preterm delivery (69)

Numerous clinical reports have demonstrated that pregnant patients may undergo laparoscopic surgery safely in any trimester without an increase in maternal or fetal morbidity or mortality compared with open surgery.

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