Walter et al. (105) report minimal differences in complications, blood loss, operative time, hemoglobin change, hospitalization, or hospital charges between open and laparoscopic Burch.

At Walter et al. 's (104) facility, charges were $9900 and $9400, respectively, for the laparoscopic and open procedure. The authors concluded that there were no benefits with laparoscopy when vaginal prolapse repairs were performed. Kohli et al. (99) found laparoscopic operative times to be significantly longer and laparosocopy was higher than laparotomy ($4960 vs. $4079). Mean length of stay was 1.3 days and 2.1 days with laparoscopy and open colposuspensions, respectively, with laparoscopic equipment usage and cost being greater. Kung et al. (106) extracted cost data from hospital charts and office records. Professional fees, investigations, drugs, capital equipment, disposable equipment, and length of stay were used to calculate costs. There was a significant difference between laparoscopy and open procedures ($2938 vs. $5692). The cost-effective ratios (cost/cure) were $3029 and $6324 for laparoscopy and open procedures, respectively.

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