Current Status And Future Potential

Until date, numerous urologic procedures have been performed utilizing minilaparoscopic instruments. Minilaparoscopy is uniquely suited for the performance of procedures involving delicate tissue reconstruction, pediatric urologic procedures, and also to obtain a superior cosmetic result. The size and tissue handling characteristics of mini-laparoscopic instruments make them ideal for handling delicate tissues and fine sutures. These instruments are akin to microsurgical instruments utilized during open surgery. It has been our observation from experience in the laboratory that complex uro-logic vascular reconstructive procedures can be successfully performed utilizing mini-laparoscopic instruments (9). With the aid of 3 mm instruments we demonstrated the feasibility of performing laparoscopic renal autotransplantation in a porcine survival model. Vascular anastomoses were performed utilizing 5-0 prolene sutures. In addition to facilitating manipulation of delicate vascular tissue, the 3 mm grasper and needle driver permit precise suture placement and suture handling. There is minimal suture fraying as often encountered with the use of conventional laparoscopic instruments.

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