Fibrin Sealant Variant

Costasis, a fibrin-sealant variant that combines autologous fibrinogen with bovine thrombin and collagen, is prepared by drawing the patient's blood into a plasma-collecting system. The blood is centrifuged and the plasma is separated. The autologous plasma is mixed with thrombin using a dual syringe applicator. This product, unlike Tisseel or Crosseal, does not contain an antifibrinolytic such as aprotinin or tranexamic acid. Although Costasis has been used in cardiac, general, and orthopedic surgical fields, there are no reports in the urologic literature regarding its use or efficacy.

The primary advantage of Costasis is that the autologous source of fibrinogen eliminates the potential risks of viral transmission. However, both the risk of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and allergic reaction to bovine thrombin remain.

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