Future Perspectives

The issue of cost of Hydro-Jet technology has not been addressed in the literature as yet. There is initial capital cost and ongoing maintenance. The probes and saline cartridge are disposable. Whether this cost increase can be justified by improved surgical dissection and decreased complication rates remains to be elucidated. For some applications, Hydro-jet dissection may replace existing and often more costly technologies. Furthermore, a multidisciplinary use of this technology for various surgical procedures would potentially improve local utility and spread the costs. Further studies in larger numbers of patients including cost comparisons are necessary to assess the financial burden of this technology.

FIGURE 6 ■ Intraoperative photograph of dissection of the postganglionic retroperitoneal sympathetic nerves using the Helix™ Hydro-Jet. The right nerve roots at the vertebral levels of L2-L4 seen from the patient's right side.

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