Laparoscopic surgery has been shown to reduce postoperative patient morbidity and recovery based on the extensive worldwide clinical experience in the urologic surgical literature. However, the sweeping changes seen in most aspects of urologic laparoscopy have not been paralleled in the area of renovascular surgery. The lack of development in its application to renovascular surgery is primarily due to the high level of technical difficulty in performing meticulous and expeditious vascular reconstruction, in which the intracorporeal suturing and knot-tying skills that are associated with steep learning curve are essential to success.

To date, three different types of laparoscopic renovascular surgical procedures have been reported in the literature. These include (i) laparoscopic aortorenal bypass, (ii) laparoscopic renal autotransplantation, and (iii) laparoscopic repair of renal artery aneurysm.

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