Intestinal injury is a rare but potentially fatal complication of abdominal laparoscopy. Review of large multi-institutional studies of urologic laparoscopy over the last decade reveals an overall complication rate from 4.4% to 16%, a conversion rate of 0.8% to 5%, and a mortality rate up to 0.9% (1-5). The combined incidence of reported bowel injury from the general surgical, gynecologic, and urologic literature is 1.3 per 1000 cases (6).

Gastrointestinal complications of urologic laparoscopy can occur intraoperatively while obtaining abdominal access, during dissection of viscera, or from an unrecognized intraoperative bowel injury. Postoperative bowel complications include a prolonged ileus or bowel obstruction from a trocar site or internal herniation.

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