Partial Nephrectomy

Partial nephrectomy in a kidney for nonfunctioning segment or pole due to stone disease is indicated because of recurrent infection, inability to remove the stones, hydronephrosis, and parenchymal atrophy. In these cases, the demarcation of the tissue to be removed is usually evident. The atrophic parenchyma lining the dilated system can be further delineated. After preserving a strip of renal capsule, the parenchyma is divided at the observed line of demarcation. There is usually minimal bleeding from the renal surface, and clamping of renal artery is not necessary. Then renal parenchyma is closed with interrupted sutures of 1-0 Vicryl over Surgicel; in addition fibrin glue may be used. Usually partial nephrectomy in these cases is easier in comparison to partial nephrectomy for tumor.

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