The patient is placed in dorsal lithotomy position with his arms tucked to his side (Fig. 1). Care is taken to pad bony prominences. The shoulders are secured with foam pads, wide cloth tape and then Velcro® straps crisscrossed over the upper body. The table is placed in maximum Trendelenburg position and fully lowered. The legs are then lowered until the thighs are parallel to the floor. The patient is prepped from the subcostal margin to the groin, draped, and then an 18 French Foley catheter attached to a drainage bag is placed.

FIGURE 1 ■ Patient positioning. Patient is in a modified dorsal lithotomy position in steep Trendelenburg.

A total of six ports are placed-a 10/12 mm camera port, 2 to 8 mm robotic ports, a 10/12 mm assistant port and 2 to 5 mm assistant ports.

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