Risk of Urethral Carcinoma in Situ and Prostatic Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Matzkin et al. reported a 25% incidence of prostatic transitional cell carcinoma in 86 patients (28). Wood et al. indicated that most of the transitional cell carcinoma seen in cystoprostatectomy specimens was in the prostatic urethra (29). Using our laparo-scopic technique, the simple prostatectomy removes completely the prostatic urethra and the transitional zone. Lebret et al. reported no urethral recurrence at 10 years in patients who underwent cystectomy when no tumor was found on frozen section in the prostatic urethra (30,31). Among the 107 patients who underwent open prostate-sparing cystectomy, transitional cell carcinoma recurred in the prostatic fossa in two cases and was managed successfully with transurethral resection. Up to now, no recurrence has occurred among the last 25 patients who have undergone the laparoscopic prostatesparing cystectomy with simple prostatectomy.

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