■ Laparoscopy has become an extremely useful tool in the surgical armamentarium of pelvic floor reconstruction over the past decade.

■ Centers utilizing the laparoscopic Burch-Tanagho technique have reported comparable results to the open technique. Long-term follow-up studies are awaited.

■ There is no reason to anticipate different outcomes between open and laparoscopic procedures because the only technical variation is mode of entry.

■ Proper laparoscopic suture technique is just as efficient as open knot tying. Many initial reports of poor outcomes may be secondary to the steep learning curve and the difficulty in becoming proficient in suturing with laparoscopy.

■ Due to increased experience, more exposure to advanced procedures, better instrumentation, and better criteria for patient selection, reported complication rates after laparoscopic procedures are decreasing.

■ The incidence of urinary incontinence in women is increasing, and because there is better dissemination of information, younger women are seeking minimally invasive treatment for urinary incontinence. Laparoscopic Burch, transvaginal tape, and now transobturator procedures are appealing options.

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