Surgical Technique Preoperative Considerations

Owing to their embryologic similarities, congenital seminal vesicle abnormalities often coexist with ureteral or renal anomalies (21,36). Because of this association, all patients with a congenital seminal vesicle cyst should be considered for imaging of their kidneys and ureter with a computed tomography scan or magnetic resonance imaging as well as cystoscopy to evaluate for ureteral ectopy or duplication.

The surgeon performing excision of a congenital seminal vesicle cyst should also be prepared to remove ureteral and renal remnants when necessary.

Prior to laparoscopic seminal vesicle surgery, the patient undergoes a mechanical bowel preparation with either magnesium citrate or Fleet's phosphosoda. Debulking the gastrointestinal tract affords the surgeon more working space in the abdominal cavity and also allows for a primary closure of bowel should an injury to the intestine occur. In men with a sterile urine culture, an intravenous first-generation cephalosporin is given one hour prior to surgery.

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