Topical Synthetic Agents Cyanoacrylate Sealants

Cyanoacrylates are synthetic monomers that have generally been applied externally for the closure of lacerations, wounds, and incisions. Although stronger than fibrin sealants, they are not bioabsorbable and, if not used topically, behave as any other foreign body causing inflammation, tissue necrosis, or infection.

Dermabondt, a synthetic 2-octylcyanoacrylate adhesive approved in the United States, is for topical use only. It may be applied to small lacerations and surgical skin incisions, lasts 7 to 10 days, and requires no dressing because it is waterproof. Sebesta and Bishoff performed a randomized, prospective trial comparing Dermabond (118) to standard subcuticular skin closure (110) of laparoscopic port sites (58). Dermabond was not only rapid and effective but also yielded a decrease in cost and operative time. No other laparoscopic application for cyanoacrylates has been described.

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