Zeus System

To introduce the AESOP robot, Computer Motion had already improved one element of minimally invasive surgery, namely support and positioning of endoscopic cameras. In the Zeus system, all the instruments were robotic. Similar to the da Vinci, the surgeon can sit comfortably at a master console and control the slave robotic instruments using a pair of master manipulators. Later, the Zeus system was integrated with the Hermes systeme, which is a platform for centralizing control of devices inside as well as resources outside the operating room. The system can be controlled by the surgeon using simple verbal commands or an interactive hand-held, touch screen pendant. Similar to the AESOP, the Hermes system recognizes the surgeon's voice through a prerecorded voice card that the surgeon inserts into the system prior to the start of surgery.

The camera, insufflator, light source, and other additional instruments are adjusted by voice or by a foot pedal. Three-dimensional vision is incorporated, but requires the use of goggles with shutter glasses.

The instruments used in the Zeus system closely resemble conventional surgical instruments.

Telesurgery involves a surgeon performing surgery from a remote location, be it a far away place or across the room.

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