One Joint Hip Flexor Stretching

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In back-lying position, pull one knee toward chest until low back is flat on table. Keeping beck flet, press other leg, with knee straight, down toward the table by tightening the buttock muscle.

Two-Joint Hip Flexor Stretching and Hip Extensor Strengthening

To stretch right hip flexors, lie on back with right lower leg hanging over end of a sturdy table. Pull left knee toward chest just enough to flatten low back on table. (When there is hip flexor tightness, the right thigh will come up from table.) Keeping beck flet, stretch right hip flexors by pulling thigh downward with the right buttock muscle, trying to touch thigh to table. Keeping thigh down toward table, try to bend knee until a firm "pull" is felt in front of the right thigh (no more than 80°).

To stretch left hip flexors, pull right knee toward chest and apply the stretch to left thigh, as described above. (Note: This can be done at the top of a flight of stairs if no sturdy table is available.)

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