Childhood malalignment Cold injury Common type Crush and squeeze injuries Ingrowing toe nail Splinters, foreign bodies Sports and sport shoe injuries Inflammation Acro-osteolysis

Acute (and chronic) paronychia

Dorsolateral fissures


Herpes simplex Implantation epidermoid cyst Osteomyelitis

Pincer nail (severe form enclosing bone) Post-cryosurgery (may be prolonged bone pain) Prosector's wart (tuberculosis) Sarcoid dactylitis Subcutaneous abscess Subungual foreign body Ventral pterygium Tumours (soft tissue and bone) Aneurysmal bone cyst Bowen's disease Enchondroma Fibroma Glomus tumour Keratoacanthoma Leiomyoma Metastases Myxoid cyst Osteoid osteoma Osteoma, exostosis

Secondary infection—slow-growing tumour

Some neuromas Squamous cell carcinoma Subungual corn

Subungual papilloma—incontinentia pigmenti Subungual wart Vascular Acute ischaemia Chilblains

Raynaud's phenomenon/disease

Rheumatoid vasculitic lesions

Systemic sclerosis_

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