Acquired Juvenile Hyperthyroidism

Acquired hyperthyroidism in childhood results primarily from Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder that occurs most often in adolescent girls. Hyperthyroidism results from thyroid-stimulating antibodies that affect overproduction and secretion of thyroid hormones. Symptoms of Graves' disease include agitation, hyperactivity, poor memory, and poor concentration (Fisher and Grueters 2008). Treatment options for Graves' disease include anti-thyroid medications, radioiodine, and surgery (Glaser and Styne 2008).

Adults affected by Graves' disease report more symptoms of depression and anxiety than unaffected individuals, but they do not exhibit impaired cognitive function as measured by standard neuro-psychological assessments (Samuels et al. 2008; Vogel et al. 2007). Furthermore, affective symptoms resolve following medical treatment for Graves' disease (Vogel et al. 2007). Similar to the case of acquired hypothyroidism, most information regarding affective and cognitive impairment associated with hyperthyroidism is taken from studies of adult patients.

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