Disclosure of Interests

The following contributors stated that they had no competing interests during the year preceding manuscript submission:

Brandon S. Aylward, M.A.; Catherine C. Ayoub, R.N., Ed.D.; Tami D. Benton, M.D.; Rebecca S. Bernard, Ph.D.; Doug Bodin, Ph.D., ABPP/CN; Melanie J. Bonner, Ph.D.; Abigail Bosk, B.A.; Michelle R. Brown, Ph.D.; Ronald T. Brown, Ph.D., ABPP; Brenda Bursch, Ph.D.; David R. DeMaso, M.D.; Jessica W. Guite, Ph.D.; Nina Kirz, M.D.; Carol M. Larroque, M.D.; Lauren Mednick, Ph.D.; Elaine C. Meyer, Ph.D., R.N.; Bruce D. Miller, M.D.; Larry L. Mullins, Ph.D.; Timothy D. Nelson, Ph.D.; Robert B. Noll, Ph.D.; Eve S. Puffer, Ph.D.; John Sargent, M.D.; Eyal Shemesh, M.D.; Carolyn Snell, M.S.; Eva Szigethy, M.D., Ph.D.; Susan Beckwitt Turkel, M.D.; Victoria W Willard, M.A.

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