Drug Drug Interactions

Consideration of drug-drug interactions is essential in situations where multiple medications are used simultaneously to address co-occurring conditions. Safer et al. (2003) have reported a rising trend in the use of multiple, potentially interacting psycho-tropic medications to treat children and adolescents with psychiatric morbidities, whereas Robinson and Owen (2005) found the use of multiple medications to be a common cause of patient morbidity.

Pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions can influence drug concentrations through changes in absorption, distribution, metabolism, or excretion. Pharmacodynamic interactions can involve alterations in the pharmacological response to drugs that might occur through alterations in drug-receptor binding, receptor function, and signaling at the in-tracellular or intercellular levels. Both pharmacoki-netic and pharmacodynamic properties are likely to be developmentally dependent on changes in factors such as body composition, organ system physiology, cell turnover, and target receptor characteristics (Carrey 2001; Carrey and Dursun 1997).

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