The average age at onset of pediatric tic disorder is 6.3 years old, whereas 7.4 years is average age at onset of OCD (Swedo et al. 1998). Children infected with PANDAS tend to display their first episode of tic and OCD behavior about 3 years earlier than children with pediatric-onset tic disorder and OCD without PANDAS (Swedo et al. 1998). Boys are more likely than girls to develop PANDAS (Murphy and Pichichero 2002; Swedo et al. 1998). In their original description of the first 50 cases of PANDAS, Swedo et al. (1998) found that incidence was highest among boys; overall rates of infection among boys outnumbered infection of girls by a ratio of 2.6 to 1. This uneven distribution was even more pronounced in children 8 years old and younger; for this age group, the incidence in boys outnumbered the incidence rate in girls by a ratio of 4.7 to 1 (Swedo et al. 1998). Murphy and Pichichero (2002) found that the average community-based medical practitioner may see one to three new cases of PANDAS per year.

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