The pediatric critical care setting offers ripe opportunity for mental health consultation, with the application of a variety of assessment and intervention skills. In recent years, recognition of patient, family, and staff psychological needs has increased, as have the willingness and resources to address these needs. Children and adolescents requiring critical care hos-pitalization present with a wide range of medical and surgical concerns that parallel those seen across other pediatric settings but are generally more severe or urgent (Colville 2001; Williams and Koocher 1999). Likewise, the mental health needs of both patients and their families can be extensive, multi-faceted, and often quite pressing. Furthermore, the fast-paced and emotionally demanding critical care environment introduces ample opportunities for the mental health consultant to provide psychoeduca-tion and support for interdisciplinary staff members. This chapter provides an overview of the nature and scope of mental health consultation in the pediatric critical care setting. Typical referral concerns and clinical themes are presented, and intervention models and strategies are reviewed.

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