Treatment adherence is frequently imperfect in children and adolescents and is a common reason for referral in the pediatric setting (Bender 2006; Bender et al. 2006; Johnson et al. 1986; Lurie et al. 2000; Molmenti et al. 1999; Rapoff 2006; Rianth-avorn et al. 2004; Smith and Shuchman 2005). Nonadherence with treatment is one of the leading causes of hospital admissions, emergency room visits, and mortality (Berquist et al. 2006; Butler et al. 2004; Sublett et al. 1979). However, despite its clear clinical importance, medical nonadherence is rarely managed in a systematic way (Shemesh 2004a). In this chapter, we outline empirically based approaches to the assessment and treatment of this critical public health problem.

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