International Perspectives on Pediatric Psychosomatic Medicine

International practices of pediatric psychosomatic medicine vary widely. In an effort to capture the complexity and diversity of these regional differences, we have compiled data based on an informal international survey of practice patterns. Topics covered in the survey include organization of services, funding, training, and research. The countries selected are diverse not only in terms of geographic location, which encompasses five continents, but also in terms of the size, population density, and economic resources dedicated to health care services by each respective government.

United Kingdom

The practice of psychosomatic medicine was somewhat slower to develop in the United Kingdom than in the United States, and until the 1940s, nearly all British psychiatry was practiced in mental hospitals, often in rural areas (Lloyd 1987). The first reports of collaboration between psychiatrists and physicians in the United Kingdom did not appear in the literature until the 1960s. Health care in the United Kingdom is publicly fuded by the National Health Service (NHS), and although a substantial number of people now have access to privately funded health care, mental health consultation services are almost exclusively in the domain of the NHS.

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