Organization of Services

The composition of the multidisciplinary pediatric psychosomatic medicine services (also termed consultation-liaison services in the Netherlands) varies greatly in terms of the degree of organization and integration of activities. The most comprehensive levels of service are offered in the UMCs. Typical staffing patterns are as follows: child psychiatrist (0.30.5 FTE), resident in child psychiatry (0.3-0.5 FTE), medical social workers (0.4-2.0 FTE), and child psychologists (2.0-4.0 FTE). Although inpatient consultation is generally multidisciplinary in nature, outpatients are most commonly managed by child psychologists and medical social workers. In the pediatric intensive care unit, patients always have access to 24-hour emergency services and to a dedicated psychosomatic medicine team, which is often directed by a child psychiatrist. Although good collaboration exists among pediatric colleagues, the same is not always true with the separately organized departments of medical/health psychology and behavioral medicine. Some UMCs have pediatric medical-psychiatric units or specialized treatment programs for eating disorders, somato-form disorders, and elimination disorders.

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