Organization of Services

The professionals working in the specialty of pedi-atric psychosomatic medicine mainly include child psychiatrists and pediatricians trained in child psychiatry (both referred to as "psychological doctors") and developmental pediatricians. There are only a few practicing child psychologists and social workers, and these professionals work in China's major psychiatric hospitals. As of 2006 (according to data from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention [He 2006]), about 150 child psychiatrists were working in psychiatric hospitals or child mental health centers in China; most of these professionals were practicing in psychiatric hospitals in major cities. Most general psychiatrists (about 26,000 in number) provide both adult and child mental health services. An increasing number of developmental pediatricians practice in general hospi tals, children's hospitals, and community health care centers throughout China.

No reliable national statistical data are available regarding pediatric consultation-liaison services. Some recently published data indicated that the rates of inpatient psychiatry consultation in general hospitals were 0.27%-1.78% for adult inpatients of all ages (Yu 2003). Referrals generated in pediatric settings were only about 0.93%-3.2% of total psychiatric referrals (Lin 2006; Xiao 2001), with higher rates in hospitals with existing departments of psychological medicine. At the Children's Hospital of Fudan University, in Shanghai, which has had an established department of psychological medicine since 1998, data show a mean rate of psychiatric referrals of approximately 0.5% of all hospital admissions.

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