Psychological Factors

Research suggests that the psychosocial adjustment of children with SCD is determined by multiple disease-related and psychosocial factors. To examine these factors, researchers have applied the following biopsychosocial models of stress and coping to study children with SCD: 1) the transactional stress and coping model (Hocking and Lochman 2005; Thompson and Gustafson 1996; Thompson et al. 1993, 1994) and 2) the risk-resistance adaptation model (Brown et al. 2000b; Wallander and Varni 1992; Wallander et al. 1988, 1989). Although a full review of the literature is beyond the scope of this chapter, several factors are particularly important to psychosocial outcomes for children with SCD: gender and age, health-related coping, stress appraisal, and caregiver and family factors (Barakat et al. 2006; Hocking and Lochman 2005).

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