Resistance to Thyroid Hormone

RTH is a rare disorder that results from target cell in-sensitivity to thyroid hormones. Newborn screening for congenital hypothyroidism can detect RTH if both T4 and thyroid-stimulating hormone are measured. The incidence of RTH is the same for males and females. Clinical presentation varies in individuals affected by RTH, and some people are asymptomatic. Behavioral characteristics (and their overall frequency) associated with RTH include emotional disturbances (73%), attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (70%), hyperactivity (19%-42%), learning disabilities (21%-32%), and hearing deficits (25%) (Hauser et al. 1993; Weiss and Refe-toff 2000). Limited data indicate that supraphysio-logical treatment with fast-acting thyroid hormone reduces the expression of both hyperactivity and im-pulsivity in children with RTH (Weiss et al. 1997).

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