Seizure Disorders

Anxiety disorders frequently co-occur with seizure disorders, with prevalence rates of depression and anxiety disorders reported to be 16%-3 1% among children with epilepsy assessed through epidemio-logical samples (Plioplys et al. 2007). Researchers using structured interviews to assess DSM-IV-TR diagnoses reported that 33% of children with epilepsy who were of average intelligence, compared with 6% of children without epilepsy, reported mood and anxiety disorders and that anxiety disorders were the most common psychiatric diagnosis (Cap-lan et al. 2005). In a separate study, rates of DSM-IV anxiety disorders were reported for 35.8% of children with epilepsy versus 22% of healthy comparison children (P < 0.05) (Jones et al. 2007). Notably, complex partial seizures can cause symptoms associated with panic disorder, including fear, depersonal-ization, dizziness, and paresthesias (Carson et al. 2005). This overlap makes it difficult to differentiate panic attacks from complex partial seizures based purely on the clinical symptoms.

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