Summary of Interventions to Decrease Pain and Enhance Effective Coping

Evidence to date has shown benefits of CBT coping skills interventions. Results from the randomized, controlled studies of adults and children conducted by Gil et al. (1996, 1997b, 2001) suggest that CBT meets the requirements for a "probably efficacious" treatment for SCD pain, as defined by the Cham-bless criteria for empirically supported interventions (Chambless and Hollon 1998; Chen et al. 2004). Further research is needed to develop well-established treatment approaches for coping with pain and psychosocial stressors in patients with SCD. In addition, although current interventions show promise for increasing positive coping strategies, treatment studies to date have not identified interventions that significantly improve psychosocial and psychological adjustment in children with SCD, especially in children who may be experiencing clinically significant psychological symptoms of depression and anxiety. Although certain CBT approaches are well established as treatments for general child clinical populations (for review, see Comp-ton et al. 2004), these treatments have not been tested specifically for pediatric SCD populations and would likely need to be adapted to address issues specific to illness-related adjustment.

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