Summer Camps

Another promising and popular intervention for children with medical illnesses is summer camps. These camps can be residential or day programs and provide age-appropriate activities (e.g., crafts, swimming, campfires) to children within particular illness groups. Qualitative ratings of these programs by participants and their parents have been positive (Silvers et al. 1992). Improvements in illness-related knowledge, health-related quality of life, and social and physical activity following the camp have also been reported (Bluebond-Langner et al. 1990; She-panski et al. 2005; K.E. Smith et al. 1988). However, many studies of summer camps to date have lacked control groups and employed small sample sizes, so more research is needed in order to determine to what extent these interventions are helpful and in which domains of adjustment (Plante et al. 2001).

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